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Hipex 2135 EVO2 HD Fastlock Pipe + L50HD Fastlock Manifold Combo

  • £8900

PIPE HIPEX 21 2135 Fastlock HD

Pipe EFRA 2135 for 1/8 off-road engines

Pipe 2135 Fastlock with HD treatment for a better resonance and long life.

The HD treatment involves a hardening of the material and consequently improves the resonance.

The external cleaning is much easier.

Recommended for OS and Novarossi engines although we have tried and tested on other engines and found an increase in run time with a smooth powerband and increased top end.
LOW RPM ●●●●
MID RPM  ●●●●
HIGH RPM ●●●●●

Includes Recommended L50 Manifold (Fastlock)

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